Donald Trump! Annual 2019 - 100% Unofficial
Goodwin, Adam G. and Parkyn, Jonathan
Following the success of the comes another hilarious spoof annual, featuring a rather different man: Donald J. Trump. It would be fair to say that 2018 was quite a year for the Donald, and what better way to commemorate his rise to glory than with the . Spoofing the highs and lows of the Annual genre from yesteryear, this hilarious read will refresh parts other slightly ironic political gift books cannot reach. Features include: 'Don Loves Vlad' photo story Lil' Kim's Don't Be a Dotard Game Despot DataFax Pin the Quiff on the Donald game Melania's fashion tips The My Missile's Bigger Than Your Missile game Cut-out-and-keep Trump masks to scare your children plus quizzies, tips, puzzles, posters and much, much more. Smart!
Second hand Hardback