Thanks to everyone who saw our note that we are buying again.
The response has been huge.
So huge that we need to slow down in order to get all the books
we have bought over the last 2 weeks on the shelf for you to buy.

We are still buying but selectively.
So, please call if you have more than 3 boxes.
Some sections are overflowing, particularly children’s, detective and cooking.

On a similar note if you are looking for
Children's books, detective novels or cook books, we have heaps of new stock.

The World's Best Superfoods
The World's Best Superfoods
Lonely Planet
Dive into the world of superfoods with Lonely Planet Food, the world''s leading travel publisher''s new food imprint. Unlock the long-held secrets of health-boosting diets from every culture of the globe. Discover which super ingredients will boost your energy, stave off illness, reduce your chance of diseases, make your hair shine, your skin glow and turbocharge your brain power. Better still, learn how to harness the benefits for yourself with a myriad of tasty recipes from around the world, all containing naturally nutrient-rich ingredients that will improve your energy, digestion, heat, immune system, and longevity. Travel can transform your cooking, exposing you to new flavours and powerfully health-boosting ingredients that you may not even have heard of before. But, when there is so much world to explore in terms of food, The World''s Best Superfoods is there with a hand-selected collection of the world''s most exciting culinary experiences and healthiest secrets served directly to your kitchen. With recipes ranging from Mexico''s chia fresca (a refreshing beverage) and Japan''s wakame seaweed salad, to Bolivia''s quinoa stew and England''s revolutionary pungent-smelling but silky-textured plankton risotto, eating well has never been so delicious!
Second hand Paperback