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The Miracle
The Miracle
Monk, Nathan

Tashina Monk, 2020. Good secondhand copy.

Miracles aren’t always what they seem. No one knows this better than Patrick Thackery; his family built their empire as faith healers. After the sudden death of his father, Patrick and his wife must abandon their dreams to raise their three daughters in his family home, reluctantly pastoring the church his grandfather built. How does one lead a faith healing congregation without any faith? When a cancer diagnosis strikes his own family, Patrick is forced to turn to the miraculous to heal his wife. But miracles can come with a price.When it seems that neither God nor Science can provide the answer he wants, Patrick abandons everything he knows for a life of self destruction. He is finally forced to face what healing really means by confronting the demons in his own life. He wanders far away from the life and church he once knew. Will the new friends he makes along the way bring him closer to God than his grandfather’s pulpit ever could? In Nathan Monk’s third book and first novel, he weaves a story of redemption and hope. With a rich deposit of characters that look deep into the conscience of the Church and what it means to truly love ourselves and our neighbor. This story takes the reader on an edge of your seat journey that leads you to the only possible conclusion when everything else fails: grace.

Second hand Paperback

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