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Berry Hill - Stories and recipes from Beerenberg Farm
Berry Hill - Stories and recipes from Beerenberg Farm
Paech, Grant & Sally
In the beautiful Adelaide Hills dwells a family business that grows strawberries on land acquired six generations ago. The company's name, Beerenberg, derives from the Paech family's German ancestry: in English the name means Berry Hill. Like the strawberries they nurture in Hahndorf, Beerenberg has thrived. Now it exports delicious products all over the world. In Berry Hill, Grant Paech tells the story of the company he started 40 years ago, and provides advice on how to grow and choose the perfect strawberry. Adelaide Hills chefs share recipes as mouthwatering as their names: Chicken roulade with red pepper aioli; Thai chicken and potato triangles; Fig and cinnamon jam tarts with fresh strawberries; Layered meringue and rose cups.
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