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Edward and Sophie - A Royal Wedding
Parkinson, Judy
Edward & Sophie is a charming photo history of the courtship, engagement, and wedding of the youngest son of the Queen of England, Prince Edward, and his beautiful bride's Sophie Rhys-Jones.Devoted to a career in the theater and busy managing his own television production company, Prince Edward was a man with little time for romance. Sophie was on the fast track to a career in public relations, lacking an aristocratic family tree or any royal connections, and by chance attended a charity event where she was introduced to the prince. Thus began the discreet relationship of the professional, well-matched couple that embodies Britain's modern monarchy. Theirs is not a marriage of convenience, nor an arrangement for political gain, but a solid union built on love and trust.Royal weddings are magnificent public occasions of fairy tale proportions infused with historical significance. In the case of Prince Edward's marriage, that significance is even greater as he is the last of the Queen's children to marry -- a marriage that occurs in the wake of the very public and sometimes scandalous divorces of his sister and both his brothers. Because of this, there will be intense public scrutiny of their union and the success that Prince Edward and his princess can make of it....
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