Duperrey's Visit to New Zealand in 1824
Duperrey's Visit to New Zealand in 1824
Sharp, Andrew (editor)
The visit in 1824 to the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, of the French naval vessel La Coquille, commanded by Louis Isidor Duperrey, took place at a crucial time when the number of Europeans visiting the Bay was increasing but just before missionary teaching became effective. This book includes translations of selected extracts from French records of the visit, and reproductions of previously unpublished illustrations from the atlas of Jules Le Jeune, the expedition's artist. The four participants in the voyage who write the extracts - Duperry, Dumont d'Urville, Rene Primavere Lesson, and Jules de Blosseville - were distinguished scholars and keen observers. The extracts and illustrations together give a comprehensive, interesting, informative, and frequently amusing picture of the inhabitants of the north of New Zealand, both Maori and European, at a crucial stage in New Zealand's history...
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