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A Moving Experience - Holidays on Wheels Wings and Water
A Moving Experience - Holidays on Wheels Wings and Water
Sheehan, Grant (Photography)
The main disadvantage to visiting several places on a single trip is having to unpack, repack, and settle into a different hotel with every change of location. One of the most agreeable ways to by-pass this bother is to plan a voyage where your accommodation is actually part of your means of transport. This book is a photographic record and travel journal of places to stay that move, from one location to another. 'Moving hotels', on wheels on water and on wings, from the classic to the unexpected and even the yet to come are shown, and the experience of the trip, the sights and the travellers encountered along the way are described. In A Moving Experience you will discover a wide range of choices for a hotel room with a constantly changing view, both in this world and out of it. Great train journeys through the highlands of Scotland, across the Australian desert, through the Canadian Rockies and down the coast of California are shown, together with a camel safari, houseboat and barge voyages, grand cruises and more. Whether overland by train and caravan, over water by steamboat and barge, underwater by submarine, or high above the world in a jet liner and soon on a space station, there is a tempting journey for everyone.
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