American Naval History - An Illustrated Chronology of the US Navy and Marine Corps, 1775 - Present
Sweetman, Jack
This third edition updates a popular chronology of U.S. naval history with new thorough coverage of the decade from the Gulf War onward. Among the operations and developments of this eventful period were nuclear weapons reductions, the end of the Cold War, and a humanitarian action called Operation Sea Angel credited with saving 30,000 lives. The decade also saw a focus on littoral warfare, recurrent air and missile strikes on Iraq, the ill-starred intervention in Somalia, and the restoration of democracy in Haiti. In addition, the book covers the growing role of women in uniform, emergency evacuations of American citizens from troublespots abroad, air operations over Bosnia, the rescue of Scott O'Grady, NATO's air war against Yugoslavia, the controversy over Vieques, the recovery of the CSS Hunley, and the attack on the USS Cole. With concise, year-by-year summaries of events in the history of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps from the Revolution onward, the chronology has proven itself as an ideal reference tool for students, historians, and naval buffs. It has been compiled by a longtime professor of naval history at the U.S. Naval Academy...
Second hand Paperback