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Peace Talks - The Dresden Files, Book 16

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Gods of Teotihuacan - The Whole State of Mexico
Wiesenthal, M (text) and Monfort, F (photography)
Teotihuacan, city of heroes and gods, was the most advanced Indian centre of the South American high plateau. Modern archeaology expeditions have allowed us a glimpse of this impressive civilization, once distinguished by its achievements in all the arts and sciences; architecture, sculpture, mural painting, astronomy, and religion,. to mention a few. Over 200 colour photographs give a vivid image of this legendary land where men became gods. Next to the ancient monuments of the Indian cultures or colonial times, we find today's picturesque towns where the same customs and traditions still survive. The portrayal of the cuisine, craftsmanship, and the peasant's simple way of life are as valuable as a historical treatise...
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