Picture Post 1938-1950
Hopkinson, Tom (editor)
Soldiers - A History of Men in Battle
Keegan, John & Holmes, Richard
Medieval Europe - A Short History
Hollister, C. Warren
Love and War
Hewitt, James
Peter Ustinov - My Russia
Ustinov, Peter
Stand By, Stand By
Ryan, Chris
A Fence Around the Cuckoo
Park, Ruth
Military Uniforms - The Splendour of the Past
Nicholson, Lt-Col J B R / Orbis Books
Writing Home
Bennett, Alan
The Eternal Darkness - A Personal History of Deep-Sea Exploration
Ballard, Robert D. with Hively, Will
Wilkinson-Latham, Robert and Wilkinson-Latham, Christopher and Cassin-Scott, Jack (illustrations)
Prague - A Photographic Guide to Prague
Sourek, Jiri (photography) and Bilkova, Hana (text)