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Ian Gawler - The Dragon's Blessing
Allenby, Guy
The inspiring life story of cancer survivor and renowned mind-body pioneer, Ian Gawler. Before Lance Armstrong and his bike, there was Ian Gawler and his inspirational fight for survival against cancer. At the end of 1974 Dr Ian Gawler, an ambitious young veterinarian and athlete, developed bone cancer in his right leg. The leg was amputated at the hip. The following year, the cancer spread to his pelvis and chest. Gawler was told that nothing could be done for him and, at his lowest ebb, that he had only weeks to live. Gawler refused to give up, and began studying meditation and following a strict diet, pursuing an intense regime of research, introspection and personal development. Against all odds and prognoses, his cancer began to retreat and he was eventually declared clear of cancer in 1978. Ian Gawler has been approached by a number of people over the years offering to write his biography, but he's never agreed - until now. Over hours of interviews and in extracts from his diaries, Gawler reveals for the first time many aspects of his amazing story. Ian Gawler: 'The Dragon's Blessing' is an honest, unflinching and illuminating portrait of an unorthodox, compassionate and courageous Australian, whose own journey has been an inspiration to the lives of so many others. This book will inspire many more.
Second hand Paperback