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Snapshots on the Journey - Through Death and Remembrance
Snapshots on the Journey - Through Death and Remembrance
MacLeod, Rod (Ed)
Published by Steele Roberts Ltd, Wellington, 2002, 123 pages. Death has become one of the great conundrums of our times. Sometimes we want to know all about it; other times we want nothing to do with it. For many people the idea that death has anything to do with living is just too strange. Like a camera, this book provides snapshots on the journey through death and remembrance. It is a chance to explore what it might be like to approach death, and its poems will be a focus for those on the journey with someone they love. Poems can comfort, enlighten, challenge, or inspire; they can articulate feelings that are otherwise hard to express. They can ease the sense of loneliness that many people experience through death and bereavement, by giving insights from those who have traveled such journeys before.
Second hand Paperback

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