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The Full Montezuma - Around Central America and the Caribbean with the Girl Next Door
Moore, Peter

Hold onto your sombreros, amigos! The Full Montezuma is the latest hilarious adventure from Peter Moore, and it's his best yet. In 1998 Peter Moore met his next door neighbour. And fell in love. Six weeks later he suggested they take a romantic trip through Central America - as you do! This is the hilarious story of their trip - and it's a battle of the sexes on the road! Over the next six months Peter and the Girl Next Door battled hurricanes, mosquitoes, uncooperative border officials and over-sexed Mexican commuters. They visited ancient Mayan sites and took in a spot of cricket in the Caribbean. It's a story that has everything: jungle ruins, washed-out bridges, shamanistic rituals involving Coca Cola and a cricket test in Jamaica. Sex. Politics. And religion. All the Big Topics, with a bit of sport thrown in for good measure. And along the way they found out more about each other than they ever wanted to know. Moore shines an unrelenting spotlight on a fledgling relationship and in doing so highlights the innate differences in travelling for men and women and the foibles of travelling with a partner. With his love of the bizarre, his cast of crazy characters and his wicked sense of humour, Peter takes us on a journey into the unknown - travelling with the new love of his life, the GND (Girl Next Door that is)...

Second hand Paperback

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