Letters to Ann - The Love Story of Matthew Flinders and Ann Chappelle
Retter, Catharine and Sinclair, Shirley
The year was 1801. The explorer Matthew Flinders was shortly to set sail for 'Terra Australis'. Could he possibly win the heart of Ann Chappelle before he departed? She was sweet-natured, clever and dignified and came from a modest though genteel home. Having lost her seagoing father at a tender age, Ann wanted no attachment with a naval man. He was personable, steadfast and ambitious and was making his mark as a navigator in the Pacific. He was torn between his love for the sea and his love for her. They married. Three months later Matthew left for Australia, where he surveyed the southern coast and circumnavigated the continent. It was a time of hostility between France and England. En route home, he was detained by the French - for six years...
Second hand Paperback