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Where the Grass is Greener - Living in an Unequal World
Where the Grass is Greener - Living in an Unequal World
Smith, David M
The Quality of Life is made up of a host of factors - happiness, freedom, income, health, education, leisure, security, the physical and social environment - all of them affected by where we live. Moreover, with the worldwide increase in communication the conspicuous consumption of the 'Haves' is all too visible to the 'Have-Nots,' so the potential for discontent and conflict multiplies. Smith pinpoints for the general reader the nature and extent of variations in living standards; between nations, regions, cities and within cities. Examining the general theme of the social justice of areal and regional distributions, he attempts to answer such questions as: How does inequality arise? Why does it persist? What can be done to reduce or eliminate it? Is it necessarily always a bad thing?...
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