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How To Escape Religion Guilt Free
Stahlecker, Scott R.

How to Escape Religion Guilt Free is an insightful guide that examines the relevancy of religion and, specifically, the Christian faith.

Why would a person need this guide? Because the unfortunate reality is that many individuals find themselves involved with religions that they no longer support, yet they are fearful to leave.

Do you follow a religion whose teachings you no longer believe in? Are you compelled by fear and insecurity over the prospect of leaving your religion? Do you feel guilty or worthless because you do not measure up to the expectations of your religion?

How to Escape Religion Guilt Free will help you through the process of leaving your religion and will empower you with the desire and courage to continue your spiritual quest. It takes a frank, hard look at the psychological tools that religions use to keep disciples bound to the faith, and it outlines the steps a person will need to go through to retake control of their life.

Second hand Trade Paperback