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Children's Books

Spies, Ben & Spies, Robert (Illustrated by)
Ferri, Jean-Yves & Conrad, Didier
Asterix at the Olympic Games (12)
Goscinny, Rene & Uderzo, Albert
Mahy, Margaret
Best Fairy Tales
Andersen, Hans Christian
What Makes Me?
Winston, Robert and DK
Hans Andersen - Forty-Two Stories
Andersen, Hans and James, M.R. (translator) and Jacques, Robin (illustrations)
Rosie Joy - Here, There and Everywhere
Siers, Sophie and Trevelyan, Judith
The Magic Pencil
Spies, Ben
Wopsy and the Witch Doctor
Scriven, Gerald F.
Sun Days and Moon Nights: New Zealand Stories for Children
Barnett, Rosalyn & Bowles, Trish
The Daring Book for Girls
Buchanan, Andrea J. & Peskowitz, Miriam
Dragons Realm
Mueller, Eileen
Dragons Tales
Mueller, Eileen
Attack on Dragons Realm
Mueller, Eileen