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Mogadishu - A Hell On Earth
Afrah, Mohamoud. M.
The English New England Voyages 1602 - 1608
Quinn, David B. & Alison M.
An Elizabethan in 1852
Donno, Elizabeth Story
The Travel Journal of Antonio De Beatis
Hale, J. R. & Lindon, J. M. A.
The Last Voyage of Drake and Hawkins
Andrews, Kenneth R.
The World's Armoured Fighting Vehicles
Von Senger und Etterlin, F.M. and Ogorkiewicz, Richard M. (translator)
A Full Life
Horrocks, Brian
Lend-Lease - Weapon for Victory
Stettinius, E.R.
The King Tiger Tank
Scheibert, Horst