Markus Raetz : Estampes, sculptures
Miessner, Marie-Cecile & Cadot, Farideh
The Drawings of Jasper Johns
Rosenthal, Nan & Fine, Ruth E.
Jasper Johns
Francis, Richard
China Style
Leece, Sharon
Nature's Chaos
Porter, Eliot (Photos) & Gleick, James (Text)
Spectacles & Sunglasses
van Eijk, Femke
Naked Vinyl - Classic Nude Album Cover
O'Brien, Tim & Savage, Mike
Strange Ritual
Byrne, David
Film Noir
Spicer, Andrew
Those Who Died Young
Sinclair, Marianne
Light Over Sacred Places of Asia - Signed Copy
Izu, Kenro & Yamaji, Yuko (Editor)
Flesh - Architectural Probes
Diller, Elizabeth and Scofidio, Ricardo
My Point of View
Warwick, Dionne