To Catch a Sunbeam - Victorian Reality through the Magic Lantern
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Henry Dunay - A Precious Life
Dunay, Henry and Proddow, Penny and Fasel, Marion and Harlow, George E. and Brunner, Jeryl (essayists) and Parrish, John (photographer)
Sanford Meisner on Acting
Meisner, Sanford and Longwell, Dennis
Tin Toys 1945-1975
Buhler, Michael and Hessenberg, Ian (photography)
Rookie Year Book Two
Gevinson, Tavi (Ed)
Rookie Yearbook Three
Gevinson, Tavi (Ed)
Andy Warhol's Exposures
Warhol, Andy & Colacello, Bob
Seeing Jazz - Artists and Writers on Jazz
Goldson, Elizabeth (editor)
The Antiques Roadshow
Battie, David and Malcolm, Fiona (editors) with Atterbury, Paul and Kay, Hilary (consultants) and BBC
The Great Builders
Powell, Kenneth (editor)
Japanese Colour Prints
Hillier, Jack
Art of William Light
Elder, David
The Mammoth Book of Street Art
JAKe (editor)
Much Ado about Nothing
Whedon, Joss & Shakespeare, William
So Me
Norton, Graham
Architectural Theory - From the Renaissance to the Present - 89 Essays of 117 Treatises
Nebois, Thierry (editor) and Evers, Bernd and Thoenes, Christof and Taschen
200 Projects to Get You into Fashion Design
Fitzgerald, Tracy and Grandon, Adrian
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die
Schnieder, Steven Jay (editor)