Vitamin Green
Phaidon Press
Patterns of the Earth
Edmaier, Bernhard and Jung-Huttl, Angelika and Phaidon
Michelangelo - The Painter
Mariani, Valerio
Between the Eyes
Steadman, Ralph
Dream Hotels: Architectural Hideaways
McCullough, Janelle
Making Steampunk Jewellery
Druce, Nikki
Beethoven's Only Beloved: Josephine!
Klapproth, John E.
John Peel - Margrave of the Marshes - His Autobiography
Peel, John and Ravenscroft, Sheila
Hare + Klein - Texture, Colour, Comfort
Clark, David and Hare, Meryl
Building Beauty - The Alchemy of Design
Smith, Michael S.
Stained Glass Basics - Techniques, Tools, Projects
Rich, Chris with Mitchell, Martha and Ward, Rachel
Berteaut, Simone and Boulanger, Ghislaine (translator)
A Cat's Guide to England
Albeck, Pat
Tosches, Nick
Becoming O'Keeffe - The Early Years
Peters, Sarah Whitaker
The Fantastic Art of Vienna
Comini, Alessandra
Fantastic Painters
Watney, Simon