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Duke Ellington
Bradbury, David
The World of Richard Stine
Stine, Richard
The Turner Prize - Twenty Years
Button, Virginia
A Pink Suit for a Blue Day
Knight, Grace
The Book of the Sandman and the Alphabet of Sleep
Poortvliet, Rien and Huygen, Wil
Daphne Guinness
Steele, Valerie & Guinness, Daphne
The Cinema of John Milius
Leotta, Alfio
Artists - Photographs
Deblonde, Gautier
Max Gimblett: The Brush of All Things
Curnow, Winston & McEvilley, Thomas & Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara
Ian Fairweather: A Life in Letters
Roberts, Claire & Thompson, John
Art Nouveau
101 Things I Learned In Fashion School
Cabrera, Alfredo with Frederick, Matthew
Chagall - Marc Chagall
Taschen Portfolio
Girl in a Band - A Memoir
Gordon, Kim
About Looking
Berger, John
Believe Me - A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens
Izzard, Eddie with Zigman, Laura