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The Art Museum
Phaidon Press
George Lucas - A Biography
Baxter, John
Florentine Renaissance Sculpture
Avery, Charles
Harris, Enriqueta
Sotheby's Art at Auction, 1989-90
Prideaux, Sally
What Good are the Arts?
Carey, John
The Tori Amos Star Profile
Dunn, Simon
Tracey Moffatt - Laudanum
Moffatt, Tracey and Berg, Stefan (Ed) and Reinhardt, Brigitte (Ed)
Jim Morrison - Dark Star
Jones, Dylan
Stories of the Ballets
Davidson, Gladys
'Keep Me Warm One Night' - Early Handweaving in Eastern Canada
Burnham, Harold B. & Burnham, Dorothy K.
Domebook 2
Kahn, Lloyd (Editor)
The Fundamentals of Gemstone Carving
Kennedy, Gordon S. and others
European and American Carpets and Rugs
Faraday, Cornelia Bateman