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The Cake Decorators Motif Bible
Lampkin, Sheila
At Home And In The Mood
Mangan, Luke
Annie and Margrit - Recipes and Stories from the Robert Mondavi Kitchen
Roberts, Annie and Mondavi, Margrit Biever and Wise, Victoria
Tagine - Spicy Stews from Morocco
Basan, Ghillie and Brigdale, Martin (photography)
The Naked Chef
Oliver, Jamie
The Complete Stir-fry Cookbook
Family Circle
The Return of the Naked Chef
Oliver, Jamie
The Seafood Cookbook - Classic to Contemporary
Franey, Pierre and Miller, Bryan and Jarrett, Lauren (illustrator)
The Cheese Plate
McCalman, Max and Gibbons, David and Salinger, Susan (photography)
Turkish Cookery
Kut, Inci
Sweet Treats to Share
Johnston, Alexa and Gofton, Allyson and White, Annabelle and Brettschneider, Dean and Evans, Kim
Cajun Cooking
MacMillan, Norma
Moore to Food
Moore, Michael
Leftover Gourmet
Till, Richard