The Cheese Plate
McCalman, Max and Gibbons, David and Salinger, Susan (photography)
Turkish Cookery
Kut, Inci
Sweet Treats to Share
Johnston, Alexa and Gofton, Allyson and White, Annabelle and Brettschneider, Dean and Evans, Kim
Cajun Cooking
MacMillan, Norma
Moore to Food
Moore, Michael
Leftover Gourmet
Till, Richard
The World Atlas of Cheese
Eekhof-Stork, Nancy
Eat Me - Love, Sex, and the Art of Eating
Antonioni, Alexandra
Antipasti - The Carluccio's Collection
Carluccio, Antonmia and Carluccio, Priscilla
Gourmet Food for a Fiver
Atherton, Jason with Joo, Judy and Sugiura, Yuki (photography)
Bits on Sticks
McLeay, John
Entertaining Vegetarians
Brown, Celia Brooks and Baldwin, Jan (photography)
The Wagamama Cookbook
Arnold, Hugo
Indonesian Cuisine - Selamat Makan
Van de Weerdt-Schieffelers, Esly