Rust in Peace - South Pacific Battlegrounds Revisited
Adams, Bruce
World War Two came to the South Pacfic and shattered a dream. The battling armies created bleak infernos on the jewelled islands and laid them waste. Attackers and defenders alike poured in their armies, transporting more material in more ships of greater tonnages than had ever crossed the sub-Equatorial oceans before. The armies passed but the material remained: aircraft, tanks, cannon, landing-craft, warships, transportersm trucks, bulldozers, graders, jeeps, hospitals, canteens, beach defences, communication lines - everything that could possibly advance the attack, retard the enemy, or repair the damage. After many decades, nature is toning down the raw impact of the relics of war, and the slow disintegration often produces beauty, provocative of sorrows and regrets, and memories, some of them proud. Sometimes by its contrasts it emphasises vivid surroundings and lusty life. Adams with his camera has caught a hundred moods and arrested in this production the processes of decay... The islands covered include New Guinea, Lae and Salamaua, Papua, Solomon Islands, Gilbert and Ellice Islands, along with Darwin, Australia...
Second hand Hardback