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Trail Blazers of New Zelaand
Trail Blazers of New Zelaand
Ballantine-Scott, Nadoo
Published by Duf Syndications Ltd, Wellington, 1974, 190 pages. As you approach this book, gentle reader, dwell for a moment on the spirit in which it is presented. Refain from entering Trail Blazers of New Zealand as you would an historical museum. Thonk of it rather as a curio shop - a collection of bits and pieces - displaying fragments of drama here and there, snippets of nostalgia, a few insights into the human condition, some eccentricities, oddments of both dedication and disillusion, in short the bric-a-brac of New Zealand's history. If perchance, some new or unexpected information turns up, so much the better. Otherwise, regard this chronicle as a depiction of history as a living thing - to be enjoyed by living people.
Second hand Paperback