Their Finest Hour
Barclay, Glen St. J.
This is an original examination, based on a vast number of published and unpublished sources, of British policy and strategy when fighting practically alone and without allies in the early part of the Second World War, and reveals the incompetence and lack of direction which could have lost the war. Indeed, with the imminence of the German invasion and heavy bombing of London and other cities, morale was becoming so low that Hitler confidently expected Britain to sue for peace at any moment. The British Government was vigorously opposed to such an idea, but not all Englishment were so adamant, notably the Duke of Windsor in Madrid soon to leave for the Bahamas. When Rudolf Hess made his attempt to arrange a peace deal with the British Government, he was dismissed as being mad. Fortunately, the duel between the RAF and the Luftwaffe was never taken to its ultimate conclusion, and failed to establish the necessary conditions for an invasion of Britain, which would probably have been successful...
Second hand Hardback