The Quiet War on Asylum
The Quiet War on Asylum
Barnett, Tracey
'This eloquent and passionate work documents how we have strayed from a humane policy towards asylum seekers, following the same sad and discredited path as Australia.' Joris de Bres, Race Relations Commissioner 2002-2013 Why would a country that has never had a boatload of asylum arrivals in modern history suddenly legislate for mass detention? Treading across the refugee camps of Burma and Thailand, to Australia's detention centres and back to New Zealand, Tracey Barnett looks hard at this controversial new policy. She speaks to asylum seekers, refugees, NGO workers and migrants – people on the move and on the ground. Their lives and stories reveal a reality more complex than the political rhetoric, and one that questions how fair and ethical New Zealand really is on the world stage today. BWB Texts are short books on big subjects by great New Zealand writers. Commissioned to unlock diverse stories, insights and analysis from the best of our past, present and future New Zealand writing.
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