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The Story of New Zealand - Revised Edition
The Story of New Zealand - Revised Edition
Bassett, Judith, Sinclair, Keith & Stenson, Marcia
The history of a country is the story of its people and the changes in their lives. This book tells the story of New Zealand in a new way, paying greater attention to the lives of ordinary people and their families than other histories have done. It also includes the previously untold stories of many of the young people who came to New Zealand, and tells of their role in its development. All the characters you would expect to find are here: Hone Heke, Governor Grey, Richard Seddon, Princess Te Puea, and Maui. In addition there are people that are less well known, such as Young Nick, who had his part to play in the discovery of New Zealand; the young Te Taniwha, who saw Captain Cook; and Christian McIlvride, who delivered the mail. With its wealth of information, THE STORY OF NEW ZEALAND is a valuable source of material on New Zealand's social history. Above all, it is entertaining and interesting, a book which will be read with enjoyment by people of all ages.
Second hand Paperback