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Transformation of Minna Hargraves
Beale, Fleur

Minna is a typical fourteen-year-old. She's urban, technologically savvy and has a strong peer group. She has a boyfriend who is the school hunk, and she is being encouraged to 'take the relationship to the next stage' by her friend Lizzie. Home is pretty much a non-event. Her mother seems distracted, her father breezes in and out but isn't really present, her brother is a stoner. Her life is turned upside down when Dad announces that he wants them to live on an off-shore island for a year and work to make it into a conservation island. Minna is horrified at the idea, as is her mother. All the more so when they discover that the whole venture is to be made into a reality TV series. To her utter dismay, Minna finds herself on an island, with only her family for company. There's no phone or email contact with the outside world. The helicopter ride to the island has made Mum sick and she doesn't seem to be recovering. Minna has to cope with new family dynamics, come to terms with the fact that her parents' marriage is doomed, and has to learn domestic arts that don't rate very highly on her excitement meter. By the end, although Minna no longer has two parents who are married, she has found her father, is able to apprecitae her mother's strength and is strong enough now to chart her own course.

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