Colin McCahon - A Question of Faith
Colin McCahon - A Question of Faith
Bloem, Marja & Browne, Martin
Craig Potton, Nelson, 2003. Reprint. Contents tight and clean with no inscriptions. Colin McCahon is the first modern New Zealand painter of major international importance. Particularly since his death in 1987, he has become a legendary figure, with his work and life the subject of much discussion and research. Inspired by the conviction that McCahon deserves to be acknowledged as a major 20th century artist, in August 2002 the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterda, opened the exhibition Colin McCahon - A Question of Faith. This book is both the catalogue for the exhibition, and the most significant publication on McCahon for many years, reproducing 78 paintings and augmented by a further 112 illustrations of artworks and historical photographs...
Second hand Paperback