The New Zealand Weather Book
The New Zealand Weather Book
Brenstrum, Erick
Craig Potton Publishing, Nelson, 1998. First edition. Paperback in tidy condition. Rain during an anticyclone? Lows, troughs, ridges and fronts? The weather is a fascinating subject that touches everyone yet daunts many who try to understand its complexities. Erick Brenstrum, a forecaster with the Meteorological Service of New Zealand for 20 years, and a well-known teacher and writer on the subject, presents in this book an accessible and up-to-date lay guide to the weather, covering everything from sea breezes to tropical cyclones and droughts to floods. Beginning with an explanation of the key principles of weather processes, the book goes on to explain weather maps and the mechanics of depressions, anticyclones and fronts, before taking a look at phenomena such as frost, fog, thunderstorms, hail, snow and coastal winds. The author offers an overview of New Zealand's climate and how it fits into the global weather picture; the effects of El Nino and La Nina weather systems; and climate change and its possible future impact. Finally, he takes a look at weather forecasting, providing a fascinating insight into its history and how weather information is gathered, and includes some tips for do-it-yourself forecasting. The New Zealand Weather Book is richly illustrated with diagrams, weather maps, satellite imagery, stunning weather photography and historical photographs. The text is full of interesting weather facts and figures and accounts of major weather events in New Zealand and around the world. At its most violent the weather is a killer, but it is also a lifegiver - having a good understanding of the way the weather changes and evolves, particularly if you work or recreate in the outdoors, enables you to avoid its greatest dangers and enjoy its benefits...
Second hand Paperback