Nature Notes III
Nature Notes III
Brookes, Peter
In 1996, Political Cartoonist of the Year Peter Brookes launched a series of cartoons in "The Times" called "Nature Notes". A menagerie with a vegetable patch, the world of "Nature Notes" is a place where the great and the good can and do become the small and the furry: Boris Yeltsin as a Muscovy (lame) duck; Ian Paisley as an Orange-utan ("Devours all greenery"); and Baroness Thatcher as a rabid old bat. Anything ispossible - John Prescott can even become a Great Tit. This third collection brings together over 50 illustrations. Covering the period from September 1999 to June 2001, each cartoon takes as its theme a news story of the time: the antics around the Millennium Dome; Peter Mandelson's (two) resignations; Tory in-fighting. The book offers both a revealing commentary on the New Labour government and a succession of merciless character studies.
Second hand Hardback