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Wages of Guilt - Memories of War in Germany and Japan
Buruma, Ian

Touch of foxing.

A comparative study of great subtlety and intelligence'SpectatorIn this highly original and now classic text, Ian Buruma explores and compares how Germany and Japan have attempted to come to terms with their violent pasts, and investigates the painful realities of living with guilt - and with its denialAs he travels through both countries, Burma encounters people whose honesty in confronting their past is strikingly brave, and other who astonish by the ingenuity of their evasions of responsibility In Auschwitz, Berlin, Hiroshima and Tokyo he explores the contradictory attitudes of scholars, politicians and survivors towards the Second World War and visits the contrasting monuments that commemorate the atrocities of the war. These opposing voices reveal how an obsession with the past, especially distorted versions of it, continually raises questions about who should indeed pay the wages of guilt.

Second hand Paperback