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George V - The Unexpected King - Penguin Monarchs
George V - The Unexpected King - Penguin Monarchs
Cannadine, David
Although he was not born to be king, in many ways, George V created the modern British monarchy. His reign marked a decisive break with his cosmopolitan and promiscuous father, emphasizing family values and a sense of public duty. He also changed his family name to 'Windsor' and was the first monarch to deliver an annual Christmas broadcast. George V was the only British sovereign who was also crowned Emperor of India, a focus of patriotic loyalty during the First World War - keeping his throne while his cousins, the Russian Tsar and the German Emperor, both lost theirs - and the first British monarch to appoint a Labour prime minister. David Cannadine's sparkling account of George V's reign is a masterclass in historical portraiture; offering many new insights into the king who was also the present Queen's grandfather, who doted on her and hoped that one day she would inherit the throne....
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