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The Last of the Human Freedoms - The French Civilians who Chose to Help Kiwis During the Second World War
Chiaroni, Keren M.
Harper Collins 2011 A collection of moving personal histories of Kiwi airmen saved by the Resistance during World War Two. Auschwitz survivor and philosopher Victor Frankl wrote: Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any set of circumstances, to choose one's own way. While on one level a collection of moving personal histories of Kiwi airmen saved by the Resistance during World War Two, on another it tells of significant and life-changing choices made in times of fear, desperation and hardship . When Kiwi airman John Sanderson was shot down over Laines-aux-Bois in May 1944, an ordinary French family was asked to shelter the wounded airman. They chose to help. Tragically, a local doctor called in to treat his wounds made a different choice, betraying them to the Gestapo. While Yvette Patris was eventually released, her husband Emile was transported, and died in Dachau concentration camp. Sanderson survived the war and began a correspondence with Yvette Patris, which lasted for many years, establishing a contact with the author's family which continues today. Based on letters, journals, military records and personal accounts, this inspiring and very different book examines what it means to be human when everything we value, including our liberty, is taken away. While primarily about individual lives and personal choices, this absorbing, illustrated account presents a poignant and compelling view of our humanity, and our history...
Second hand Trade Paperback