San Sombrero
San Sombrero
Cilauro, Santo and Gleisner, Tom and Sitch, Rob
Proudly considered the birthplace of tinted sunglasses and sequins, this fascinating land is packed with things to see and do. Have your photo taken with a colourfully dressed ruhmero (drunk) while his accomplice steals your wallet. Sway to the steamy bababumba, one of the few dances in the world to routinely involve an exchange of body fluids. Try "red-water rafting" your way down a river of boiling lava. Or simply sit back and sip a molitivo cocktail while listening to the hypnotic rhythm of government helicopters strafing a nearby rebel stronghold.Crammed with expert advice, this fully updated guide contains everything the unsuspecting traveller needs to know about San Sombrero, Central America's forgotten jewel, including:-- WHEN TO GO Despite the heat, April is considered a good option as the clouds of stinging hornets provide partial shade from the sun's rays.-- GETTING AROUND Public transport can be confusing as the city displayed on the front of a bus is often not its destination but, in fact, the birthplace of its driver.-- EATING OUT In restaurants, be wary of ordering a "kid's meal" -- this will often involve baby goat.
Second hand Paperback