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Coltrane in a Cadillac
Coltrane, robbie
In Coltrane in a cadillac, Robbie Coltrane indulges his passion for vintage American cars with a 4,000-mile journey-across the belly of America in a stunning black and white 1951 Cadillac coupe convertible. From the Aladdin's cave of Frank Corrente's Cadillac Corner in Los Angeles, where Robbie searches for his dream car, the trip takes in the polyester decadence of Las Vegas, the eerie Mormon capital Salt Lake City and frontier town Dodge City until Robbie reaches the world-famous Indianapolis 500 Speedway track where he plays out another car fantasy. On the way to New York Coltrane also pays tribute to American heroes such as James Dean and Huckleberry Finn and laments the tarnishing of the American Dream in places such as motor city Detroit and rundown East St Louis.
Second hand Trade Paperback

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