Blue Blood
Blue Blood
Conlon, Edward
'Superb. The most stunning memoir ever written about the cop world' - Joseph Wambaugh. 'Beautiful and inspiring, terrifying and heartbreaking' - James Frey. 'More chilling than even the most realistic cop dramas on TV' - "People". 'A great book...with the testimonial force equal to that of Michael Herr's Dispatches' - "Time". "Blue Blood" is the fast-paced, insider story of Edward Conlon's career in the NYPD. Conlon can really write, but is a cop's cop through and through (the fourth generation of NYPD cop in his family). The book is part memoir, part action, set in the Bronx starting in the mid-1990s. We follow Conlon's rise within the force, from rookie beat cop through a stint in the narcotics division to finally achieving gold-shield detective status as he is today, but he also manages to portray a fascinating social history of the Bronx over the last twenty years and a history of the NYPD and its often violent evolution. The writing is gripping, with stories of shoot-outs and drug dealers interspersed with domestic disputes and runaways.
Second hand Trade Paperback