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Poetical Translations (Translations of The Classical Poets) Vols 1 & 2
Cooke, Thomas et al

John & Arthur Arch / Bell & Bradfute & L Mundell, London & Edinburgh. Two volumes with repaired leather spines and marbled boards. No publication dates stated but probably late 1700's or early 1800's.
Volume 1 has piece missing from the front e/p. 880pp. Contents in good order and appear complete.
Volume 2 has new front e/p but again, the contents are complete and tidy. 827pp.
These books are heavy so please check postage with bookseller.

Volume 1 contains: Pope's Homer's Iliad; Pope's Homer's Odyssey; West's Pindar; Dryden's Virgil; Dryden's Juvenal; Dryden's Persius; Pitt's Virgil's Aeneid; Rowe's Lucan; Hole's Homer's Hymn to Ceres & Pindar's Olympic Odes by Mr Pye.
Volume 2 contains Cooke's Hesiod; Fawkes's Theocritus; Fawkes's Anacreon; Fswkes's Sappho; Fawkes's Bion; Fawkes's Moschus; Fawkes's Musarus; Fawkes's Apollonius Rhodius; Mr C___'s Coluthus Lycopolites; Creech's Lucretius & Grainger's Tibullus.

Second hand Hardback