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5-8 November

Worst Journeys: The Picador Book of Travel
Courtauld, George
Experience – at comfortable second-hand – a selection of the worst journeys in the world, described by some of the best writers on travel in the world. Worst Journeys combines reportage, fiction and poetry in an anthology that features many of the best-known writers of our times. Includes stories from: Eco, Umberto. Banks, Russell. Desai, Anita. Thesiger, Wilfred. Fenton, James. Gellhorn, Martha. Geldof, Bob. Theroux, Paul. Marnham, Patrick. Young, Gavin. Brodsky, Joseph. Newby, Eric. Greene, Graham. Raban, Jonathan. O'Rourke, PJ. Amis, Martin. Matthiessen, Peter. Updike, John. Trevor, William. Morris, Jan. Nicholl, Charles. Coetzee, JM. O'Hanlon, Redmond. Lewis, Norman. Thubron, Colin. Chatwin, Bruce. Brook, Stephen.
Second hand Paperback

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