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Ozzy Unauthorized
Ozzy Unauthorized
Crawford, Sue
John Michael 'Ozzy' Osbourne has been an icon for over thirty years, but of what? Of heavy metal, for being the wild vocalist of Black Sabbath, and a hugely successful solo artist? Or is he an overblown rock casualty? Or a successful cartoon figure created by his marketing-genius wife? Back in the 1970s he was breaking all the rules - and he still is. In 2002 he is breaking all the records as the star of the Osbornes, a fly-on the-wall documentary that has beaten all previous MTV viewing figures. Here, the 'tattooed, former booze-ridden, former drug-crazed sex god' is seen as the far-from-average husband, and father of teenage children. This is I Love Lucy meets the Simpsons by way of the Addams Family - and the public loves it! Ozzy Unauthorized is that rare thing - a genuine page-turner, with 32 pages of photographs, and a full discography and chronology. Sue Crawford has written a comprehensive, mind-blowing study of the past, present and, with its specially commissioned astrological chart, even the future, of a true survivor and a real star....
Second hand Trade Paperback