Why I Am Not a Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto
Why I Am Not a Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto
Crispin, Jessa
Are you a feminist? Do you believe women are human beings and that they deserve all the same rights as men? If so, then you are a feminist . . . Or are you? Is it really that simple? Outspoken cultural critic Jessa Crispin says somewhere along the way, the movement for female liberation sacrificed meaning for acceptance, and left us with a banal, polite, ineffectual pose that barely challenges the status quo. In this bracing, fiercely intelligent manifesto, she demands more- nothing less than the total dismantling of the system of oppression-and of what people currently think of as ofeminism.o oThe author's ferocious critique effectively reframes the terms of any serious discussion of feminism. You'll never trust a you-go- girl just-lean- in bromide again. Forget busting glass ceilings. Crispin has taken a wrecking ball to the whole structure.o-Kirkus Reviews (starred review) oFeminists have, in fact, become polite insiders, and Crispin is here to show them how to punch their way out. A rallying manifesto; start swinging.o-Library Journal oRabble-rousing, impolitic, and eloquent, Why I Am Not a Feminist models the latitudes and freedoms it wants us all-us women, us feminists, us humans-to embody. Enough with the safety mongering, says Crispin- Let's break stuff! Let's get messy! Let's make feminism radical again.o Laura Kipnis, Men- Notes from an Ongoing Investigation
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