The Fishing Fleet  - Husband-Hunting in the Raj
The Fishing Fleet - Husband-Hunting in the Raj
De Courcy, Anne
The untold stories of the young women who went out to India in search of marriage. From the late 19th century, when the Raj was at its height, many of Britain's best and brightest young men went out to India to work as administrators, soldiers and businessmen. With the advent of steam travel and the opening of the Suez Canal, countless young women, suffering at the lack of eligible men in Britain, followed in their wake. This amorphous band was composed of daughters returning after their English education, girls invited to stay with married sisters or friends and yet others whose declared or undeclared goal was simply to find a husband. They were known as the Fishing Fleet and this book is their story, hitherto untold...
Second hand Trade Paperback