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Dictionary of New Zealand Biography - Vol 3 1901 - 1920
Dictionary of New Zealand Biography - Vol 3 1901 - 1920
Department of Internal Affairs
Auckland University Press, 1996. Taken from inside cover: With this volume The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography is launched into the modern age. Covering the first 20 years of the new century, Volume Three includes the lives of over 600 people who first made their mark between 1900 and 1920. The South African War at the century's turn, the First World War less than 15 years later, and theinfluenza epidemic at the war's end were just some of the dramatic events. Their impact is illurated in the lives of 419 men and 187 women. The Dynamics of mana and power, the ongoing struggle for land and the right to self-determination are seen here in the lives of 85 Maori. People included in The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography Volume Three are, Ernest Rutherford, Peter Buck, Apirana Ngata, Te Puea Herangi, Bob Deans, Kate Nunneley, Dan Reese, Anthony Wilding, Frances Alda, Rosina Buckman, Charles Goldie and Katherine Mansfield.
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