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At Home in New Zealand - An Illustrated History of Everyday Things Before 1865
At Home in New Zealand - An Illustrated History of Everyday Things Before 1865
Drummond, Alison & L.R.
AT HOME IN NEW ZEALAND is a remarkable and detailed record of life – the minutiae of day-to-day living – in New Zealand from 1814 to 1865. Grouping her material under the five main headings, First Things, Food, Shelter, Clothing, Far From Home, Alison Drummond gives a revealing picture of the ingenuity, the hardships, and the sometimes incongruous luxuries of life away from Britain in the early nineteenth century. The fascinating miscellany of extracts from the contemporary journals and letters at the end of each section gives a vivid and first-hand picture of the differing attitudes and experiences of the settlers. Most of the many illustrations in the book are drawings specially made by Mrs Drummond’s husband, L R Drummond, from the original objects in museums and private houses throughout New Zealand. Mr Drummond's eye for detail and his loving and faithful draughtsmanship provide a most sympathetic amplification of the text. The book also contains a number of reproductions of paintings by such artists of the period as William Bambridge, John Kinder, S.C. Brees, and others. The content and design of this book make it a collector's item. - from the inside cover. Published by Blackwood & Janet Paul Ltd, 1967.
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