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A Cut Above: Cooking with Angus Pure
A Cut Above: Cooking with Angus Pure
Egger, Gerhard
This is more than just another cookbook. A Cut Above comprises of over 70 beef recipes each with its own a tantalising photo and easy to follow instructions. The selection of recipes is varied; from quick and easy to long and slow cooking, there are great ideas for the barbeque and a comprehensive selection of offal recipes. The collection of beef recipes is interspersed with photographs and written stories from our rural landscape. A selection of farms from Waitangi in the far north to Otago in the south, are beautifully presented, giving the reader a lovely insight into life on the land. Portrayed is the dedication of the farmers and their families of some of New Zealand’s leading Angus breeders, in their quest to produce great tasting grass-fed beef in New Zealand.
Second hand Hardback