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Eiby, George A.
New Zealand, like many parts of the globe, is susceptible to earthquake activity (witness the serious damage inflicted on Christchurch and surrounding areas late in 2010) and consequently has established an international reputation for leadership in seismology, the science of earthquakes, The author, George Eiby was for 40 years with the Seismological Observatory in Wellington, gaining respect for his contribution to the field and publishing many papers and books on the topic. His "Earthquakes" is a comprehensive study of these events, historically and up to modern times, examining some of the most notable quakes world-wide. Included also are volcanoes, seismic waves, geological influences, possibilities relating to predictions and quake resistant buildings and infrastructure. Here is a book that reveals much of interest about seismology and earthquakes, skilfully using technical information in a way that is clear to the lay-person, with the text material complemented by a host of impressive and informative illustrations. ...
Second hand Hardback