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A Journey Through the Owl House
Emslie, Anne
Penguin, London, 1997. First edition. Paper covers in tidy condition. Contents tight and clean with no inscriptions. Nice copy. For more than a quarter of a century, reclusive artist Helen Martins worked on the transformation of her home in the isolated Karoo village of Nieu Bethesda, creating an intriguing world rich in personal symbolism and universal meaning. Her garden became a sculpture yard populated by a throng of pilgrims and camels, owls, mermaids and other creatures while the walls of the house were coated in colour and crushed glass to create sublime and unsettling effects. Anne Emslie has done much to preserve and promote the Owl House as an example of Outsider art worthy of recognition and acclaim. (From the blurb)
Second hand Paperback

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